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Do we recycle the wine bottles?

Recycling is one of the simplest and most daily actions that we have more and more internalized. A simple gesture that holds a huge meaning: to be more respectful of the environment.

In this article, we want to bring a perspective beyond the environment and to savor every last sip of our favorite bottle of wine. And not! Nor are we going to tell you in which container you should get rid of it, because although it is more than obvious, today we have to be creative.

Surely you are already beginning to know what I am talking about and we come up with some ideas to throw at you in which the bottle of wine is the protagonist.

1) We have a special dinner and we do not have a centerpiece.

We propose a very simple decoration and that surely you have all the necessary utensils at home. You will simply need an empty wine bottle and a couple of long candles. Surely you already have an idea of ​​how to do it and you will tell us how warm it will bring to that special evening.

2) And, if it is daytime and we don't need to add more light than natural?

Surely this same question has also occurred to you and that is why we anticipate it. If it is a daytime meal, instead of playing with the candlelight inside the wine bottle, we can introduce wild or dried flowers, that's a matter of taste. It is about creating the atmosphere that you want to convey between the flowers and the bottle of wine. This decoration has come to be used as a decoration at weddings, so we are sure that you will surprise your guests.

3) It is time for lunch, how can we use the bottle of wine as a decoration between our plates?

An original and sure way that will captivate all your guests is: give the bottle of wine a bowl shape and use it to introduce cold cuts, cheeses or other starters that you want to offer to your guests. What do you think about this idea? Original, right?

4) And, for the final icing? Do we give away a personalized bottle of wine?

All occasions are special and it is always a good time to give gifts ... From Ohio Wines On The Go we can personalize the label of the wine bottle: https://ohiowinesonthego.com/personaliza-tu-etiqueta either with a photograph, a phrase, your company logo or a drawing with which you feel identified.

You will agree with us that wine is enjoyed in company and is always present in the moments. And, if it is a wine with a personalized label even more so.

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