Top reasons why people borrow money – Loans

Financial debt is very simple. First you get a home loan for your dream home. However, you want to have a nicely outfitted home, so you borrow home furniture and home appliances. You need a brand new car to take advantage of the particular loan.

You’ll love it. Why not purchase a new LED TV using a monthly payment of CZK three hundred and a mobile phone for CZK 200 a month? But then you start to realize that you are living over your circumstances because your income is usually insufficient. You borrow to settle older loans, and the financial debt carousel begins.

Household equipment

Household equipment

Purchasing furniture and home appliances is among the most common reasons people get loans. To buy furniture, individuals are more often borrowing from banking institutions where interest rates are not quite high. For household appliances, financial loans from non-banking companies are currently prevailing, due to the fact that many merchants are intensively offering sequel purchases.

Often you can see these provides in action flyers, etc . It really is convenient for these sellers simply because they get more for the goods compared to if the customer bought it within cash. Usually, you do not embark on to make direct payments towards the seller, but to a non-banking company that works with the vendor. Only the seller does not have to await the money, but gets the quantity, which is still increased by payment, immediately.

Very own housing

Own housing

Mortgage loans are usually popular because for the majority of people this is the only method to get their own housing. 2 thirds of the loan candidates, who are under 25 years aged, borrow between CZK five hundred, 000 and CZK one 5 million. Applicants more than 25 years old borrow one 7 million crowns normally. This is mainly due to the fact that the typical applicant under the associated with 25 is childless, individual, has recently started work plus needs a smaller apartment.

Older candidates often prepare for a family or even already have one and obtain a loan as a couple, their particular income is higher than those of younger applicants and can achieve higher loans. For people trying to get a loan, the amount of the payment per month, the amount of interest, the maturation date and the ratio from the loan to the collateral associated with the property are important.



A significant portion of people in the Czech Republic take a car on credit score. If you are deciding whether to get a car in installments, consider whether you absolutely need a vehicle and whether you really require new and expensive once you lack money. People frequently do not realize that a car is just not a profitable investment since the price is falling quickly, and fuel or extra repair costs often effect your budget.

The difference is whether you buy the hire purchase car since you need it to travel to work or even because a neighbor has a much better one. Therefore , always think about whether you really need a vehicle so much that you have to borrow this, and whether it would be sufficient cheaper to afford.